This is a collection of all our best work for and with LEGO, a collection of pioneering commercial and independent films that helped popularize lego animation as a hobby worldwide.
All of the Dead, 1999, Spite Your Face Productions. 8mm Film.
This was the first ever ‘brickfilm’ online. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. We googled real hard trying to find any others back then; we googled so hard we probably used altavista, that’s how hard we googled. If you concentrate real hard on this semi-improvised, largely out-of-focus animation you will find documented the entire evolution of horror cinema, from the silent era through to when it stopped being any good in about 1987.
ONE: A Space Odyssey, 2001, Spite Your Face Productions.
Kubrick's seminal epic, condensed into a single minute, in LEGO.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO, 2002, Spite Your Face Productions.
Produced for the 25th Anniversary DVD release of it's theatrical counterpart, this was the viral video before viral video that helped jump-start the Brickfilm genre of animation. Commissioned from an original pitch by Terry Gilliam. This version has been digitally upscaled and remastered to HD from the standard-def original and is the best available version.
Described by Stuff You Should Know podcast as "Probably the best (brickfilm)" and by Terry Gilliam as "Definitely the best version of the film".
Star Wars: The Han Solo Affair, 2002, Spite Your Face Productions.
Official LEGO The Empire Strikes Back skit. Produced for LEGO and Lucasfilm in 2002 to coincide with the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Stop-motion animation. Original score by BAFTA winner Jason Graves.
At time of release, this was only the second time in Star Wars history that a short film had been commisioned under license, preceding the Clone Wars tv shorts, and following the Boba Fett cartoon from the Star Wars Holiday Special way back in 1977.
Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock, 2004, Spite Your Face Productions.
Produced by Spite Your Face Productions for LEGO/SONY/Marvel in 2004 to promote the theatrical release of Spider-Man 2. Stop-motion animation. Original score by BAFTA winner Jason Graves.
An alternate-ending cut of the above, really a whole new third act, comprising two minutes of extra animation.
GameCity LEGO Animation Workshop 2009
As part of GameCity Festival and their LEGO Rockband events, we ran a three day, childrens animation workshop, where kids could drop in and try film making. We are proud to present the fine results of these talented youngsters.
GameCity LEGO Animation Workshop 2010
The results of our second animation workshop program for GameCity festival. Visit for last years film and more. Made over three and a half days in a walk-in, public workshop for kids, trying their hand at animation, providing models and contributing ideas to a stream of conscious narrative.
Spite Your Face - Business Communications Reel
This reel forms a collection of animation work I have executed in the field of Business Communications. Therein you can see most of the best scenes from a client film we made for Brunswick Group.
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